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Latest updates from the campaign:

If you want to read the City Solicitors opinion on the "special meeting" of Monday 8/14, I have it listed below.

"Therefore, as Solicitor for the City of Loveland, based on the foregoing, I reach
the following conclusions:

(1) I cannot ignore the fact that the pasting requirements of Section 109.04
of the Loveland Code of Ordinances were not adhered to by the Clerk
of Council. As such, any action taken by Loveland City Council at its
August 14, 2017 special meeting should be deemed without legal

(2) The election of Mayor and Vice Mayor at the special City Council
meeting of August 14, 2017 was not proper. Ms. Settell should
maintain her role as the Vice Mayor of Loveland and serve as the
presiding officer of all City Council Meetings given the vacancy left by
the resignation of the Mayor as a member of City Council.

(3) The decision to fill the empty City Council seat left by the resignation of
Mark Fitzgerald vests with the remaining six members of this City
Council Should those remaining six members not be able to reach a
majority consensus before a new City Council is elected and seated in
November 2017, then that City Council shall fill the vacancy created by
the resignation of Mark Fitzgerald under Section 2.03 of the Loveland

(4) The position of Mayor of Loveland shall remain vacant until a new election takes place by the remaining members of City Council, or until an organizational meeting is held and a new Mayor is elected by the newly elected City Council in November pursuant to Section 2.05 of the Loveland Code of Ordinances.

(5) Because the resignation of Mark Fitzgerald as a member of City
Council took place after the special meeting, and not during it, the
resignation is still effective as of 11:59 p.m, on August 14, 2017."

Monday, August 14, 2017 3:34 PM

Campaign News

The next city council meeting is Tuesday 9/12 at 7:00 PM

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